Fastest growing entertainer in Niger Delta: MC Sharp.

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Everyone loves entertainment and there are those, who are passionate about entertainment.

Passion describes the extreme love people have for entertainment.

The passionate attitude towards entertainment is not limited to being entertained alone, but to entertain as well. We all remember Fela, whose love for music was almost seen as addictive in a good sense. Today in the entertainment industry, most people are solely concerned about the commercial aspect, so once they make it big, you no longer hear from them.

There are certainly a few people who still portray their love for entertainment, and that brings us to MC Sharp.

Abai Cletus, popularly known by his stage name, MC sharp, is one who certainly is a passionate entertainer, one who combines flair and charisma during his stage display to ensure you are never bored, on board his display.

Hailing from, Sagbama, Bayelsa state, MC Sharp started his career at an early stage. He is a musician, performing artiste, Mc and a great instrumentalist, yes! he plays, the Piano, drums, guitar, almost like he was thought at child birth. It may amaze you to know, he had these skills as an inborn talent, yes! he wasn't thought. So do we say it's magical, no, its passion!!!

Having big dreams to fulfill, MC Sharp has an admiration for AY and hopes on surpassing the living legend on the stage. Now that's certainly a huge target, but he is certainly not bothered about how big, rather focused on doing it big.

Here are some of words when asked about how he feels about trying to surpass AY,“I don’t try to compete with anyone, but I hope to surpass the achievements of AY on the stage because I love him and admire him as a role model. I just have to focus on improving myself, set new targets every day and keep dreaming big. I would love to get more attention of entertainment, to Niger Delta, and make sure the industry gets bigger here, but I can’t do it alone, I need your support and your blessings, our business men and politicians, including the people have a huge role to play in promoting entertainment in Niger Delta”

He has hosted series of shows across his immediate region in Niger Delta, from Bayelsa, to Delta, to Edo and Rivers and has successfully sold out in all of his concerts.

He is seen as one of the fastest rising star in his state Bayelsa and enjoys a large fan base in Delta State, such as you don't think of a show in Delta State without bringing up the presence of MC Sharp.

His show,” MC Sharp and the science students” is one of his greatest achievements of his career, as it was attended by a mammoth crowd and was hosted in Angalabri Bayelsa state, and was attended by people from all across the Niger Delta region, in such a way that Angalabri was seen to be too small to accommodate everyone.

MC Sharp has built a reputation that makes it a wish to have in own your show to light up the place.

He is still on the rising side and is certainly a star that shines bright as the sun. His enthusiasm, passion, focus and never dying spirit are certainly attitudes which make him almost impossible to break down on the entertainment field.

So when you hear the name MC Sharp on a show, be sure to give an ovation, for there are lots of reasons to get excited with his presence.

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