Meet MC Abokina AKA the funny YAYA

Updated: Feb 19

Comedy can be really underrated to a great extent. Laughter is an essential part of life, as according to research, laughter can improve our health.

Not only is laughter good for our health, it creates an atmosphere for a better relationship with people, thereby improving social wellbeing.

There are so many things that could get you in the mode of laughter, like funny acts by people or pets, a funny story, funny pictures and video clips. The major fact is that, there is fun to stir up laughter.

Speaking of comedy, a great source of laughter is comedy. The funny acts on stage, the funny movies are all under comedy, as it gives you only reasons to be happy.

Comedy is a great form of entertainment. But if you wish to get thrilled by comedy, it is necessary you find a good comedian to relief you of your burdens, sorrow and pains.

One comedian who has always been outstanding with his performance on stage is MC Abokina, the funny Yaya.

As the name implies 'the funny Yaya' MC Abokina signifies all that you could call funny, his looks on stage alone, gives you thousands of reasons to laugh, and so his skits would definitely crack your ribs.

MC Abokina, is such a person who has the flair and fun to get you excited on stage and make you laugh until you feel you no longer have problems. He says, “one thing i can give you is laughter and laughter is all you need" and this is exactly what he does.

MC Anokina his one who is multi talented and is skillful at everything he does, is not only a comedian but also an MC.

He can give you a greatly organized event and always gives you reasons to want to bring him on every event of yours. He is also a decorating artiste, who can give you the perfect designs for your occasions.

His assent is the traditional Aboki style as the name implies 'MC Abokina'

Although his real name is Ayodele Peter Oluwadamilola, and is a Christian. He was given the name MC Abokina, by his Muslim friends whom see him to be a very friendly person, so the name, Aboki meaning my friend is what suits him better.

He has a campus show event, titled, MC Abokina life on stage, which is to be held on the 21st of February 2020, in the University of Africa Toru Orua, Bayelsa state. The event is a comedy show but it's a comedy show that comprises of all branch of entertainment including, dance, music, stage art, instruments performance, etc. The event would feature hosts of top level entertainers, from far and wide, to spice up the show.

According to MC Abokina, the show is going to be a thrilling event that would create a huge mark of excitement and would leave everyone calling for one.

Now we know, MC Abokina is always on a mission to not only crack our ribs, but also disjoint our bones, but you can't help but take the sweet risk as it could make your day a thousand times.

Do well to attend the event.

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